Overcoming Epilepsy

Learn how to take control, participate in treatment, and gain a better quality of life for you and the ones you love.


There are few medical conditions plagued by as many misconceptions and prejudices as epilepsy. For starters, it is neither a disease nor a diagnosis. Discover the truth about procedures, medicines, lifestyle choices, insurance coverage, and more from the medical experts behind life-altering research and treatment options.


Thirty percent of people with epilepsy have uncontrolled seizures. Medicine and other non-invasive treatments don’t help. For those individuals, surgery may be a viable treatment path. In this guide, a leading neurologist and his patients explain what surgery entails from pre-operative tests to post-operative effects.

Vital information from doctors revolutionizing treatment.

Advancements in epilepsy management—from lifestyle choices to surgery—continue to emerge. These discoveries can dramatically improve day-to-day experiences and may even lead to a seizure-free life.

So, where do you begin?

With informative, simple-to-follow handbooks covering everything from personal care to conversations you should have with doctors. Welcome to better living through knowledge.

Gain comfort from knowing what to expect.

Gain confidence from knowing what to ask.

Gain control from knowing what to do.

Dr. Ruben Kuzniecky

Dr. Ruben Kuzniecky is a distinguished neurologist and epilepsy specialist responsible for diagnosing and treating severe epileptic conditions. For more than a decade, he co-directed NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. He founded one of the largest epilepsy surgery programs in the U.S. And, today, he serves as Vice-chair of Academic Affairs and the Professor of Neurology at Zucker-Hofstra School of Medicine, Northwell Health System.


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